Trinity time watches design brand logo and header banner

About Trinity time watches brand

Being a newly established watches brand in watchmaking industry, Trinity Time proudly introduces our exquisite timepieces. We believe what time represents is beyond the change of numbers yet a flowing current in smooth elegance. 

Therefore, we dedicates our timepiece brand to present the beauty of the time current with our unique and creative design.

trinity time watch design based in Birmingham UK

In 2018 Trinity Time was created by Brian Lee who believe people deserve more on watch with well designed details, but not a plain “minimal”watch. Trinity time watches brand was found in Birmingham, the second biggest city in United Kingdom, where people lived with different cultures, styles and thoughts. 

trinity time orginal design with sketch

Our design

Incorporating the paramount trinity elements – avantgarde, elegance and creativity, our design embodies rich yet harmonious style. Sharp and clear, straight lines and stripes showcase the personality of each timepiece, highlighting the visionary characteristic; however, it would not be tasteful enough without smooth streamlines, intersecting with strong lines to blend grace well in strength. 

On top of the fine pattern, we applied innovative ideas on the presentation of time driven by ordinary Japan-made movements to spice up the intriguing and delicate watch surface. Elegant and original, Trinity Time is a timepiece for all occasions.

Currently we have two model- Orbit and Atlas, and we are designing more in the future, stay tuned!